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I hope that you enjoyed a good winter and are marveling at a burst of spring wherever you are. Here in Boston/Cape Cod, there are some glimpses of daffodils, which are thrilling; yet there is still a chill in my bones, which has me dreaming about a second summer adventure at Ferry Beach in Saco, Maine this August, with my co-creator and dear friend Deb Knox.

Ferry Beach

Deb and I are very excited about returning to the Ferry Beach Retreat Center from August 20 - 24th, 2018 with our new program reflecting the Ferry Beach theme for this summer, which is Love. We are calling our unique retreat: “Deepen your Connection to your Soul that Honors your Loving Heart and Sparks New Clarity, Confidence, and Commitment in your Life, using Ongoing Access to the Wisdom of SoulCollage(R) and Spiritual Autobiography.” You are invited to spend 4 days with us in the charming cottages right on the stunning coast of southern Maine. The sunrises and sunsets are magical and your stressors will blow out to sea. You will relax and reveal in soothing Mother Nature, connect with lovely souls, and have FUN! We have been actively designing new ways of sharing the tools of SoulCollage (R) and Spiritual Autobiography to help you to renew and deepen your spiritual journey.

Ferry Beach

You will:

~Develop an ongoing spiritual practice using both art and writing tools

~Create a new Roadmap for your own personal Soul Path journey with next steps

~Discover and commit to your quest for a passionate life using a Creativity Creed

~Harness your Imagination, Intention, and Intuition to create special Soul Collages for each of your new goals

~Delve more deeply into your spiritual storyline, with writings about the themes of Love in your life, as well as significant life events and choice-points

We tweaked the format to include more small group activities, including dialoguing with just one other person, more air time for introverts, more guided visualizations, and new special exercises to spark your creative thinking. We expect to have two tracks - one for you all who attended last year, and one for you newbies coming for the first time.

People are signing up now. At our request, Sally Ring has agreed to be our official on-site coordinator, so please contact her directly to deal with all those registration details. You can call her directly at 207-282-4489, Ext 1 or email her at To recap the fees, there is a Ferry Beach membership fee of $30 for an individual or $50 for a family (if 2 people in the same family are taking the program), the meal plan (which includes special diet options) for 4 days is $180, and the conference fee is $152. So for an individual, it will be $30 plus $180 plus $152 which equals $362. Your housing is additional and Sally can help you with those options in cottages or the camp grounds. There are also inns and hotels nearby in Orchard Beach and Portland, if you prefer. A train stop in Saco and the Portland airport is also close by.


Deb and I will be supplying images and art materials and you will receive a brand new workbook for the workshop. We also invite you to bring your own images and art materials that attract you, and as well as photographs, memorabilia, and your personal stories to our gathering. By creating vibrant collages that dance with your written words and honor the murmurings in your soul, you will discover new pathways for personal discoveries and healing, as well as creating new life intentions for serenity and fulfillment. The synergy between SoulCollage(R) and Spiritual Biography never ceases to amaze us and participants from last year uncovered long-forgotten revelations, released barriers to growth, and experienced life-changing breakthroughs. How fitting that we all gathered on the beach one afternoon to share the Eclipse together and soak up the new cosmic energy.

We will meet from 9 - 12 PM, on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday and again from 2:30 - 5:00 PM those days. We will begin with a social gathering on Monday evening with dinner, and end after our morning session and lunch together on Friday.

There will be plenty of time for connecting with new and old friends, a stolen nap, or enjoying the lovely walks. Our meeting room will be open again all evening for continued writing, finding new images, and special conversations.The magic of Soul Collage(R) is so enticing that a group of folks last year were up half the night making Cards with joyful abandon!

If you are interested, we can also meet in the evening after dinner at 7 PM for an hour plus and listen to each other’s stories, as we did last year. There’s always time for stories, we like to think. Simple, easy “assignments” and handouts will help you to take advantage of new creative discoveries to share the next day!

Here are a few comments from last year’s participants: 

"I experienced a life-changing, re-framing of my long life...I learned that, as I wrote, "I am my story", not the negative one I tell myself, but the whole story this time. I learned that I am all that I have learned, shared, given. I am all I have accomplished and aspired to, not just the leaps that landed short of the goal and traumas that set me back. I learned that my accomplishments are not luck or totally someone else's doing. “I am not just my story"- the one I have told myself. "I am more than my story." I choose to rewrite my story and honestly embrace and build on who I have become and perhaps was all along. What did I take away?- Peace, levity, freedom and joyful anticipation." Leslie Seabury

"I LOVED IT! I love the combination—through this spiritual autobiography process I can explore memories and events in my life to discover their meaning, influence, and impact on me." Susan Fuller

"A great way to access the inner wisdom of your life stories when we are bombarded with media and information. We are losing connection to our own thoughts and inner guide." Carol Gallagher

Deb and I so hope that you’ll join us for this second rendition of our soul-filled retreat to renew and infuse your life with love, light and well-being.We can’t wait to see you all and hear about your joys and challenges. Space is limited, so to register now, please go to the link below. We cannot wait to take you on this special adventure of powerful insights, pleasurable and potent art-making, and the renewal of your body, mind, and spirit! Once you sign up, your breakthrough journey of love will begin with a pre-retreat assignment of exploration!

Feel free to contact us with any questions at or

Here is the link:

See you on the beach!

Creatively and Soulfully yours,