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How Do You Make Your Best Creative Ideas a Reality Now!

Begins January 2020

Almost every day, a client or a colleague will run an idea by me for feedback. These are great moments for me, and one of the reasons why I love my business. The idea may be about a book they want to write, a new training program they want to create, it may be new products to create passive income that will help more people, it may be an idea for a painting, or a design for a new business or a city park.  The people in my GEM groups have fabulous ideas, but these ideas generally need some re-design or present some obstacles that must be overcome before the idea takes its final form—which I call the Ultimate, which is the U in my FOCUS model.

Yes, after people have identified a great idea that they are passionate about, the treacherous part of the journey begins.  This is when those evil voices inside our minds start blabbering negative-self-talk or we get scared that our project won’t be “good enough” because we are not “unique enough” and these thoughts get us into a mind-tangle. Then we start doubting our idea and our competence, and our vision gets shaky and eclipsed.

This happens to everyone at some point. I know when I got my first book contract from Conari Press that I panicked and thought to myself “who am I to write this book” even after I had most of it written and had worked on it for almost 10 years. Fortunately, my husband told me I was being ridiculous and I signed the contract and finished the book, which was “The 12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women” which sold out its first printing in 8 weeks and is still paying me royalties.

So first, you must get control of your thoughts and fortify yourself for your quest with your idea. Secondly, you need fellow travelers on your journey to manifestation, but you must be extremely careful about who those people are. You must avoid your saboteurs all costs —that is anyone or anything that does not have your back, and steadfastly believe in yourself and your potential.  I often tell my clients—do not tell anyone in your family or inner circle that you do not trust completely what you are doing until it is sold/completed. And even then, you may choose not to share it with them. Your creative work is precious and priceless and you must protect is as fiercely as a mother lion protects her cubs.

Thirdly, you need wise guides who have done what you are trying to do, so that they can mentor you. You need a coach who understands the creative process and how to make money with it. That is why my business is named Creative Success!

So, for all these reasons, I invented the Manifest Your GEM of an Idea Coaching Groups, which are going strong.  People are healing their old demons, getting great support and feed-back, and getting their creative work done and out into the world. There are graduates like the woman who won first prize in an International Mosaic contest, a woman who has invented a breakthrough theory about women in the C-suite, a woman who is bringing her experiences as a coach to the comedy stage, several book writers who got their projects done, and many more creative souls who are bringing all kinds of products and services into the world.

To give you a flavor for the experience, Lisa Handley of Plumeria Papercraft just wrote a wonderful blog describing her experience in a Jewel/GEM group here

Our next group begins in January 2019. This is a small, intimate group and we do six 2-hour calls, plus you get individual coaching with me, we have a private Facebook Page, I give you custom Musework between classes, you will set goals and complete a Personal Success Contract at the beginning of the course, you get a copy of my beautiful “Creativity Courage Cards” and much more. You can sign up below before we fill up!

Isn’t it time to get the advice, support, and get your creative work complete and available for sale? Join us!

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Vicki Hanson-Burkhart

“Gail, I loved the course. I moved from frustration and inability to begin, to working daily and making progress toward my goal. I love the deck of Creativity Courage Cards and can always find one that speaks to me. You have an amazing gift to equip people to drill down to their core purpose and break through barriers that are keeping them from moving forward. I repeatedly thank God for your wisdom and gentle yet direct guidance.” -- Vicki Hanson-Burkhart Award-Winning Mosaic Artist,

Deborah Knox

This group served as a mini-think-tank and a focus group and the benefits included: There was a place to speak your truth to total strangers; There was a place to set 3 month goals with the intention of being accountable to others; On-going homework assignments and 6 tele-seminars kept us focused on dealing with the dimensions of psychological growth, such as addressing limiting beliefs, the identification of role models, and re-examining the saboteurs that could hold us back; Renewed appreciation for giving and receiving feedback from a group of committed, intelligent, passionate women; Learning to trust the flow of business and networking that brought unexpected opportunities which allowed me to open to new possibilities while holding firm to the vision I developed in the group” -- Deborah Knox,

Brecia Kralovic-Logan

Once again I’ve experienced the power of group coaching with Gail McMeekin. I was happy to participate in her latest group: Customizing and Monetizing Your Jewel of an idea. Gail has a keen intuitive sense for bringing together a diverse group of talented women,and connecting them in a supportive and inspiring community. She shares her expertise in creativity and business as she coaxes out the core talents of each person in the group leading them to discover their own innate wisdom. The way that Gail structures the time spent and the amount of resources that she shares are tremendous gifts. I appreciated the support of the group as I traversed the ups and downs of this phase of my creative path and I’m so pleased with the progress I was able to make toward writing my book. “ --Brecia Kralovic-Logan pebble in the pond art studio,

“I highly recommend author Gail McMeekin’s Customizing and Monetizing Your Jewel of an Idea Monthly Coaching Group. I embarked upon this fabulous journey April through June, 2013, and what an awesome endeavor it was! This experience exceeded my expectations on every level. I walked away (afterwards) not only having completed a book proposal for my second book (which is what I set out to do), but I also finalized a query letter and plan of action for how to proceed next (which includes a list of publishers I will soon approach!). An extra bonus is that I’ve secured two book endorsements from favorite authors of mine. Yet another gem is that I was able to work closely during this period with Gail, a renowned author, who reviewed my work and provided me valuable feedback. Plus, I had the privilege of connecting with seven other remarkable women, each pursuing unique creative passions of their own. It was a productive, inspiring and creatively refreshing time in my life. One that pushed me closer to realizing my life’s greatest dream.” --Tina Bradley Tickled Pink Woman, a blog,