Creative Success, LLC

Gail McMeekin

Are you ready to claim your own heartfelt and prosperous Creative Success? Is it finally time to make your creative inspirations top priority and a cornerstone of your life plus get well-paid to do so?

Creativity is not just for artists and writers, but for people with all kinds of new ideas who are magnetized to put them into an ultimate form and share them with an audience. Creativity has been declared as the leadership skill for the 21st century--your ticket to creative gold and fulfillment. Your creative energies can be harnessed to create your own unique success that supports your body/mind/spirit/heart/money goals.

Are you experiencing:

  • Lots of creative ideas calling you to play with them? Or perhaps a magnetism to one special idea that is yours alone that won’t go away?
  • Does your career/creative business need an infusion of focus/passion to determine your next best move?
  • Are you in the midst of working on a an inspired project, but experiencing self-doubts, procrastination, or ambivalence about finishing your product/project, such as a book, an invention, or a new organizational initiative?

The Creative Success model challenges coaches and mentors - just like you - to step into your personal power and create a life of positive choices that fortifies your talents, dreams, and creative potential. By learning to outsmart the internal and external saboteurs that short circuit your success, your goals become tangible and achievable. Creative Success is your ticket to transformation. Join our community of dedicated creators who are changing the world one idea at a time!

Creatively yours,


"For every woman who has ever wished for an accomplished, wise mentor who would share her most valuable creative secrets, I have good news: Gail McMeekin's new book "The 12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women" makes that wish come true. Gail has gathered an amazing team of gutsy, smart, and innovative women who freely share their creative ups and downs, so that others may have the courage and inspiration to bring their own creative dreams to life." -- Cheryl Richardson, author of Take Time for your Life


"Gail is just such a coach. I was going to write she works as a bridge to help you cross from the old to the new you. But that's not it -- the truth is she helps you build your own bridge so that you can maintain your independence, and know the nuts and bolts of bridge building for the future. After just a few sessions, I became clear on how to go forward with my artwork. I went for it and very quickly got public interest in some of my work; I also started doing more art than ever before. Caution: Following Gail's advice will lead to quick and dramatic results. Get ready...."  -- Carrie Allen, former journalist/current artist and fiction writer