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Are you in stuck in your career, your life, or your creative work?


I have been studying an awesome life changing tool called Scientific Hand Analysis. No, not palm reading, but a tool with a boatload of research to back it up that is very complex and profound! The secret to success is to live your Life Purpose, but first you have to know what it is! Your fingerprints are formed in the womb and they do not change and their information for you is invaluable. If someone had told me that I would be doing this work two years ago, I never would have believed it. Knowing my Life Purpose and my gifts has been life changing for me.

So are you ready to:

  • Stop struggling with life choices that do not work for you?

  • Make a commitment to your authentic self and follow through on your dreams?

  • Create the success that you deserve this year?

Complete Life Assessment Scientific Hand Analysis Package

The information in your hands is crystal clear and will change the course of your life! When you know your Life Purpose, your life will start working and you will be free of being in the penalty box.

Your Life Purpose is your destiny and your gift to the world.

Your Life School is your spiritual roadmap to success.

Your Life Lesson is an Achille’s heel which keeps you stuck and unhappy and broke.

How does this work?

  • We will mail you a handprint kit with instructions and in 10 minutes, you will be good to go!

  • You mail me the prints and I study them in great detail.

  • Then I contact you for a three-hour phone session which will be recorded on a conference line for you to keep!

I love to help people become successful, so I would LOVE to read your hands right away and give you the answers that you need to recreate your life, right now!

This article was recently featured in Forbes Magazine about Hand Analysis – How Hand Analysis Could Influence Your Success.

People’s comments:

“Gail, this has changed my life–I have been on the wrong bus for 20 years.”
“Now I know that my hiding out has cost me my success and my peace-of-mind.”
“I now feel affirmed that I am doing what I am meant to do and prosper.”

Before you do your hand prints, please watch this demo video with Russ. We cannot read your prints if they are not clear. Enjoy!

Product Description ($997.00) 

The information in your hands is crystal clear and will change the course of your life! When you know your Life Purpose, your life will start working and you will be free of being in the penalty box.Your Life Purpose is your destiny and your gift to the world. Send an email to for more information. 

Janet Conner

"There are many lovely wisdom systems that give us bits and pieces of our life’s direction and purpose. And I love them all: astrology, numerology, Enneagram, MBTI… Going into my scientific hand analysis reading with Gail McMeekin, I thought SHA would be another piece of the puzzle. But it wasn’t. It was the whole puzzle. It’s all the pieces interlocking together to create the life I’m here to live. Knowing how my gifts and schools and purpose work together has given me a whole new level of confidence in my career choices and style of work. My writing and speaking career suddenly makes perfect sense and I’m on fire to see it unfold. I now know what I’m doing and why, and thanks to Gail’s brilliant interpretation and guidance, I’m feeling unstoppable. I can’t recommend a Scientific Hand Analysis reading with Gail McMeekin highly enough. My only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner!"

Janet Connor, Author

Learning my life purpose was so cool. It truly gave me the confidence to step up my game with my career and work towards greatness. I also learned how to trust my instincts and how to use my gifts to help people. By knowing I have these gifts, it allows me to let go of my fear of what others may think and go for it. Gail is very easy to talk to and a great brainstormer and she understood me so well. I was also able to see my Life Lesson and now I know what to watch out for. I highly recommend this service to anyone–I really loved it. I feel stronger and more confident. I have three sons and I can’t wait to have Gail read for them too. I fell like I will be able to guide them through life much better by knowing their life purpose and their strengths and weaknesses. I can’t wait for the future.

Mandy Goldman, Stylist, Brookline, MA

This was an amazing process! Has the power to be life-changing! Gail is gifted with her insights!

Maureen Healy, JD, Organizational Relationship Advisor

Gillian Drake

Gail is one of the most intuitive and caring creativity coaches I have ever encountered. She has a natural interest in other people which gives her the insight to address their issues and help them to discover their true passion and purpose in life. She is also experienced with a powerful array of highly effective tools, including Hand Analysis and Soul Collage, which help uncover hidden truths and desires, ensuring a high rate of satisfaction with her clients. Her advice over the years has unfailingly helped me as I proceeded along my very unconventional life’s path, and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who is serious about discovering who they truly are and where they need to be going in their life.

     -- Gillian Drake, Vocational Intuitive,