Creative Success, LLC

Do you want to kick your business into high gear this year? 

Throughout the years, I've worked with thousands of clients around world. Here are a few ways we can work together at a discounted price.

Emerald Coaching Package 1: 3 (one) hour coaching sessions + one bonus hour of editing/reading/project review/goal-setting:

Emerald program


Tanzanite Coaching Package 2: 6 (one) hour coaching sessions + 2 bonus hours of reading/editing/project review/visioning:


Diamond Coaching Package 3: 10 (one) hour coaching sessions + 3.5 bonus hours of reading/editing/project review/ business and life planning strategies

diamond package

Creative Success is a Creative Career Coaching company that will help you to vision and achieve your personal, professional, and creative goals. I truly love my work and have helped thousands of readers and clients to uncover their passions and live their true life purpose. I am known as the Queen of Imagination as I have lots of creative ideas and paradigms to help you to untangle the mysteries and challenges in your life.

Together we will create a new pathway for you. I am dedicated to my clients and you will receive more from me in terms of my time and energy than from other coaches by far. As I have a blend of education and wide experiences, I can broaden your range of options and solutions! You deserve to have a great life and I would love to help you to attain just that!

The following information are some guidelines to to make it easy for you to work with us.

1) Coaching sessions can either be on the phone, by email, video conference, or in-person. I have clients all over the world.

2) All sessions are confidential, even if your company is paying for them.

3) All sessions can be billed to Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Square, PayPal, or Discover and we bill weekly.  You may also want to check with your employer to see if they will cover professional coaching sessions for you. If you prefer to pay by check, that is fine.

The amount of time per session is individually determined. I offer full day VIP Days for people to enable them to do intensive work with me on their goals. We do not carry unpaid balances–you are expected to either charge services to your credit card or pay at the time of service.  

4) You will be billed for all sessions not cancelled within 24 hours of your appointment time, except in the event of illness, bad weather, or an emergency.  

5Please note that outside of a regular coaching/consulting session, you will be billed for my time at your regular rate for services such as resume rewrites, material review, research, writing and editing, or phone calls/emails that require more than a few minutes of my time. In my multiple discount packages, many of these services are included.

6) The phone number to call for coaching sessions will be given to you with each appointment.  I always keep my appointments, so in the event that I don’t answer, your phone call,  wait a couple of minutes and call back.  People’s clocks can be different which can create differences in time.

7) My email address is  I check my phone and email regularly.  If you leave me a message and do not hear back from me, contact me again, as I always respond to messages.  

8) I have a free monthly email newsletter Creative Success which I encourage you to subscribe to, plus you will get a free gift. This way you will be up-to-date on workshops, events, new publications, etc.  On my website are a series of articles, links and an e-commerce where you can purchase my books The 12 Secrets of Highly Successful Women, The 12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women Journal, The Power of Positive Choices, The 12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women, and my 90 minute workshop Positive Choices: From Stress to Serenity, the e-book Boost Your Creativity, Productivity, and Prosperity in 21 Steps, and the Creativity Courage Cards. 

9) We offer several kinds of Assessments, a complete Work/Career Assessment with three of the best tests on the market,, and/or a Life Purpose Scientific Hand Analysis, which I have been trained to do, to help you to determine your best career/entrepreneurial path, your personality strengths, and your unique gifts and life challenges. 

10) If you have a medical/mental health emergency, go to your nearest Emergency Room and have them call your Primary Care Physician to monitor your care.  Then call and let me know what is happening so I can support you as well.

Finally, our coaching/consulting alliance is a partnership.  Please be vocal about your needs, desires, and questions so we can offer you the best service possible.  Your success is our mission and joy!

Gail McMeekin, MSW, LICSW—Creative Success, LLC

"Gail’s coaching work draws on a unique blend of warm compassion, deep intuitive wisdom and expansive creativity. She asks provocative questions that get to the heart of what’s needed for healing and transformation; and she gently, yet powerfully, guides creative exploration and movement into new possibilities. Her coaching has helped me remove obstacles and achieve greater success and fulfillment in my professional life." --Marilyn Veltrop, Ph.D.