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Is Your Inner Assassin Running Your Life? 4 Questions Can Steal It Back!

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Happy Independence Day Week to You!

Freedom is a precious commodity to value and fiercely protect. Our humanism and compassion are essential in our everyday interactions with people, animals, plants, Mother Earth, and ourselves, now more than ever! As German musician Nina Hagen says, “ We must change ourselves to change the world.” One of the strategies that we use in SoulCollage(R), is to make cards that represent all the different parts of ourselves. By learning to identify our Inner Committee, as we call it, we communicate with our personal sub-personalities, and then synchronize them to work as a team on our behalf. This technique of working with Committee Cards is life-altering and gives us tremendous freedom to change into our happy, best selves.

Read on and I will give you some secrets about how magically this works!

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Is Your Inner Assassin Running Your Life? 4 Questions Steal Back Your Power!

My SoulCollage(R) Card Name:My Inner Assassin: Slayer of Transformation—

Suit: Committee, Date: 7/4/18


I just made this card that I named my Inner Assassin Card— an Intentional Card—to illustrate one of my inner demons who needs to be silenced once again, so that I can live free of her negative messages and cruelty. I have dueled with her before, but now she must be exorcised in a much deeper, permanent way. I made this card twice as large as a traditional SC card to demonstrate the importance of this victory. When we make an SC card, we then step into it and ask the Card to answer four powerful questions. These true uncensored answers come from your soul.

Question #1: Who are you?

I am the one who is the Warrior Woman in the picture, dressed in brown (one of your least favorite colors) with my two swords destined for you. My second sword has already speared your butterfly logo, as I am the slayer of your transformation and try to keep you as a lowly larvae. I am always ready to chain up your brain with negative thoughts and fears, so that there is less room for self-love, hope, and faith.

My first sword steals potential times of gratitude and joy from your life, moments which get lost in the sands of time, never to be recovered. My intent is to throw verbal barbs at you constantly to render you melancholy, sad, and withdrawn, so that you cannot express your creative gifts and share them with others. I am the female embodiment of the patriarchy.

Question #2: What do you have to give me?

I challenge you to a war of minds and hearts. I want to see if you can use your powers of wisdom and intuition to win again against my criticism, snide comments, reprimands, and murderous actions against you and your quest for serenity, healing, and positive thinking for yourself and people you care for. I know you are taking the Year of Miracles Course this year, but have gotten behind, which weakens your powers. I challenge you to unlock my negative chains on your brain and recapture your butterfly spirit from my sword.

Question #3: What do you want from me or what do you need from me?

I want you to keep fighting for transformation for you, your clients, friends, loved ones, and the Planet, so that I do not get bored or impotent. It is time for you to rise up again and be the priestess that you are. My job is to try to stifle you and kill your spirit. Your job is to see how effectively you can eclipse my evil powers.

Question #4: Is there anything else that you want to tell me today?

I know the past two years have been beyond challenging for you. But your planets are shifting and freedom and good fortune lie ahead. You named this year “My Year of Joyful Ease” and you have the power to ignite that energy, so that you are in touch with it daily, moment to moment. It is time to re-vitalize your proven strategies of self-care, creative thinking, and spiritual support into expanded forms, as you have begun. My jabs keep you highly motivated.

The Images, Intention, and Intuition of working with Soul Collage(R) Cards continue to astound me. It is such a powerful oracle tool that puts us on the fast track for making great decisions, resolving challenges, becoming more self-aware and creative, and receiving spiritual guidance. I am blessed to be one of only 2500 Facilitators world-wide teaching this profound technique for personal growth and insight. Plus making stories with images is fun and uses different parts of our brain.

Deb Knox and I still have a few openings at our Soul Path Renewal Retreat in Maine from August 20-24 held on the gorgeous coast of Maine. Not only will you learn or deepen your knowledge of Soul Collage(R), but Deb will teach you the complementary tool of Spiritual Autobiography. This dance of art and writing will entertain you and help you to redirect your energy towards manifesting your dreams. You can sign up with Sally Ring at

Hope to see you there!

Here are a few testimonials from last year’s group:

"I experienced a life-changing, re-framing of my long life...I learned that, as I wrote, "I am my story", not the negative one I tell myself, but the whole story this time. I learned that I am all that I have learned, shared, given. I am all I have accomplished and aspired to, not just the leaps that landed short of the goal and traumas that set me back. I learned that my accomplishments are not luck or totally someone else's doing. “I am not just my story"- the one I have told myself. "I am more than my story." I choose to rewrite my story and honestly embrace and build on who I have become and perhaps was all along. What did I take away?- Peace, levity, freedom and joyful anticipation." Leslie Seabury

"A great way to access the inner wisdom of your life stories when we are bombarded with media and information. We are losing connection to our own thoughts and inner guide." Carol Gallagher

"I LOVED IT! I love the combination—through this spiritual autobiography process I can explore memories and events in my life to discover their meaning, influence, and impact on me." Susan Fuller

Here's the link to the retreat registration again.