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Are You Being Selfish If You Sneak Away on Retreat to Nurture Your Creative Curiosities and Learn Potent New Techniques for your Work/Life?

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Magnifying our creative gifts, and we all have them, not just writers and artists, is our ticket to a successful life of creative expression in the 21st century. To allow yourself to dance with your creative excitements and inspirations to bring your unique brilliance to light, you must learn the art of self-focus, which means being invested in your dreams, and confronting your own fears and society's judgments that you are selfish or perhaps unfeminine when you take time to follow your fascinations and pursue your uniqueness.

Self-focus is not narcissism--self-focus is self-remembering and self-honoring and prioritizing your own desires and inspirations. It means freeing yourself from the over-care taking of others that causes you to feel angry and resentful that other people are sabotaging your dreams. Manifesting your inspiration requires courage, releasing negative people and beliefs (that I call Serenity Stealers), and proactively committing to Positive Life Choices that nourish your body, mind, heart, soul, and abundance. This requires choosing partners/friends who give you the space and support to be a receptive channel to your magnificence, and encourage your freedom to be joyful. Living a creative life that generates your creative expressions in harmony with mutual, respectful relationships with others, helps you to manifest your creative gems --those ideas that thrill and empower you!

Self-focus is essential for self-care and for becoming self-full, whole, and happy. It does not mean that we do not have empathy and wonderful relationships with others. We do. It just means that we value our own needs and have risen above the chains of self-sacrifice and now insist on co-creative relationships where everyone feels fulfilled.

Narcissistics, on the other hand, are so excessively self-absorbed that they totally lack empathy for other people and have a track record of shattered marriages, friendships, and business partnerships, as they cannot be trusted.

Self-focus is heathy, while narcissism is destructive. Self-focus allows us to fly yet stay connected to our flock. Self-focus helps us to discover and develop our creative spirit and live the life that WE choose, and revel in it! So, give yourself permission to get self-focused in 2017 and join Deb Knox and I in beautiful Saco, Maine on the gorgeous rocky coast (just minutes from Portland) for Soul Path from August 20-23 and learn how writing your potent spiritual autobiography and merging it with the magic of SoulCollage(R) will open your heart, free your creative soul, and transform your life--truly.

We are filling up fast with marvelous folks and the deadline looms. But rooms are going quickly, so join us using the link below! We can't wait to see you!

Ferry Beach

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