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How Writing Your Spiritual Autobiography Re-Charges Your Creative Life!

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What exactly is a Spiritual Autobiography and what are the benefits of writing one? It is your personal life story that helps you to remember and process the most meaningful moments of your life's journey to date.

By re-experiencing and uncovering events from our past, we are enlightened by a new understanding about key life choices that we have made, significant turning points, the quality of our relationships with others, and ourselves, and an appreciation for life's riches and hurdles. Then we can leverage these insights and actualize new paths for our future!

One of the areas where the writing of a Spiritual Autobiography can be dramatically illuminating and transformative is writing the story of your creative highs and lows. Remember that we are all creative souls, not just writers and artists. We all make new connections every day and engage in creative problem-solving, whether we are a parent or a customer service rep. We all have creative software, but we may have forgotten how to use it or been traumatized by criticism and/or lack of support and we need a healing tune-up!

Writing our creative story allows us to re-connect with lost creative dreams, celebrate what we have created, and make powerful decisions on our next creative chapter.

Here are three prompts to get you started:

  1. If I die tomorrow, what creative projects will I leave behind that were never started or completed? Which ones do I regret not having done the most? Am I willing to change my story and commit to those creative projects before it is too late?
  2. What have I created in my life that makes my heart sing? What were the secrets of those successes that I can capitalize on going forward?
  3. What Serenity Stealers (people, jobs, projects, limiting beliefs, lack of skill or self-confidence) do I need to release or transform so that I can focus on my creative work? What support do I need to do that?

In August, you can join Deb Knox and I at Ferry Beach Retreat Center in Saco, Maine for our Soul Path Workshop from 8/20-23 where you will write your Spiritual Autobiography, including your creative story, and then make your own personal vision deck of SoulCollage(R) Cards to access your inner wisdom and release the blocks to your desires and highlight your personal power to create the life that you long for.

These two tools are a dynamic duo! We had such a great response to the Workshop that we have extended the registration deadline and are still welcoming new participants. Once you sign up, you will get a Welcome letter with some pre-workshop assignments to get you engaged right now!

Here is the link:

If you have any issues with registration, you can contact Sally Ring at

Don't miss this unique opportunity with Deb and I to enjoy more fulfillment and creativity in your future!