Creative Success, LLC

Need to Unplug and Redirect?

Kristin Marquet

Happy May, My Friends From the Northeast!

  • Are you bursting with new ideas this spring, but need to get focused?
  • Are you dealing with key choice points in your life and need inspiration and a clear pathway?
  • Do you need a new job or want to redesign your business and your life?
  • Do you need a strong dose of Positive Psychology and Joyfulness? 

Then, you need our innovative Bloom into your Rich Life Retreat--a special day where you will be guided through a brand-new program which is a step-by-step process using the metaphor of "creative gardening" to get you crystal clear on the Rich Life for you, as you define it, and 3 commitments to achieving it. Do not miss out!

Creatively yours, 

Bloom Into Your Rich Life Retreat

Rooms are available for out-of-towners at the Inn and close-by! Take a day off and come and join us for a self-nurturing day for women with fabulous brand new powerful exercises and experiences to help you to plant the garden of your dreams and make it real. We will also do SoulCollage®, Journaling, and Rituals to help you to plant that perfect combination of fulfillment and joy for you, so that you have a rich harvest. We will eat a lovely lunch on the patio to live music from  talented musicians and we have wonderful gift bags for everyone. You know you need this and you know that you deserve it. Watch the TV clip we did on the Rich Life with Dot Watson on Dedham Cable and listen to our Audio Q and A about the Bloom retreat day as well, so that you are psyched and ready to come work and play in your creative "garden" with us! Watch and listen!

Embrace your future and create what you long for! See you there and bring your cards, your books and products, etc. and enjoy a community of smart, creative women.