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You know you need retreat time, connecting with women time, and FUN, right?

Kristin Marquet

I am sending out this special edition newsletter to let you know about two wonderful opportunities for you to re-charge your batteries, de-stress, connect with great women in a think tank, celebrate your year, get illuminations from SoulCollage®, up level your Rich Life blueprint, and get a cornucopia of bonuses. I am leading two events, one with Marilyn Taylor, my partner in the Bloom into Your Rich Life Series, and one as the leader of a Meet-up Group called Beyond SoulCollage®. 

A Think Tank to Inspire Your Inner Magic and Strategic Action

While Spring was our time for planting inspirational ideas, Autumn is harvest time; a time to gather together and celebrate the bounty from the Blooms of the Spring and Summer seasons, learning more about what has been successful, and what still needs attention or a boost of imagination. Using the Idea Catalyst method, we will create a Think Tank in which you will be able to get invaluable input into your projects and dreams, nourished by the wisdom of a group of smart , creative women and two action-oriented coaches. Together we will creatively help you to crush your stumbling blocks.


A Think Tank to Inspire Your Inner Magic and Strategic Action

Join Marilyn Taylor and Gail McMeekin, creators of the Rich Life Retreat series for the Harvest. These retreats offer you the precious time you deserve to deepen your personal or professional intentions-—revealing your gifts in a sacred, nurturing space where you will move through a series of fun, but potent experiences that will expand your mind/body/spirit/heart and increase your ability to manifest the prosperity you deserve. When you Uplevel Your Rich Life, opportunities are created that reflect your new mind-set and fertilize the evolution of a more courageous and fulfilling life.

Marilyn Taylor, licensed massage therapist and certified life coach, is the owner of CONFIDENT DIRECTIONS LIFE COACHING. Drawing on her 30+ years in the field of wellness, stress reduction, spirituality, and human potential, she is masterful at creating an environment that optimizes change, with tools and techniques that are accessible and empowering. She has authored 10 Practices of Personal Sustainability: The Savvy Person’s Guide to Conscious Living and Confident Directions Life Coaching Empowerment Cards.

Gail McMeekin, LICSW, is an executive/life/creativity coach and author of numerous books, products, and workshops. She has written two best-selling books, The 12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women and The 12 Secrets of Highly Successful Women and her Creativity Courage Cards were recently featured in Artist magazine. Her work is featured on radio, TV, and national media, and her Power of Positivity Guide stress- reduction app is available for your phone at GPS for the Soul/Huffington Post.

Up-leveling Your Rich Life Retreat Offers You…

  • A powerful Harvest Celebration to share whatever riches you have reaped this year, big or small
  • Time to create a new Harvest plan to enliven your Rich Life goals and outsmart your barriers to manifestation.
  • An array of expansive exercises, including SoulCollage®, to help you to generate new ideas and bolster the creation of a new Rich Life blueprint.
  • Viewing of a new breakthrough film proving the power of mind/body/stress reduction. Participate in these practices with special guest expert, Mary Green with a yoga session and mindfulness meditation, keeping us healthy and focused as your Rich Life continues to reveal itself.
  • Participation in our unique Lighting a Fire Under You ceremony to release old limiting beliefs and replace them with new internalized personal power.
  • Small group interaction with other Rich Life women to mutually share wisdom, talents, resources and networking solutions. Mastermind your way to laser-focused clarity.
  • An opportunity to strengthen your capacity to take calculated positive risks to expedite manifesting your Rich Life vision and develop a personal success contract.

Fall is a transformational time of year and we will call upon your own inner magic to explore and develop positive and profound life choices, activating your momentumfor continued leaps ahead in your success and happiness.

Praise for our last retreat …

“I was reminded of the power of women, the joy of art , and the importance of goals. Brilliant!”

“The day was relevant and fun. Marilyn and Gail are skilled facilitators.”

“I felt nourished spiritually, emotionally, and physically. Your passion and love for the human heart is a source of light and love for all those you touch.”


AT A CROSS-ROADS IN YOUR LIFE? NEED SOME QUICK BUT PROFOUND ANSWERS? LOVE ART NEED SOMETHING QUICK AND EASY TO GET YOU STARTED? I am a certified SoulCollage® facilitator plus a coach for creative women and a best-selling author.

In this workshop, I ask that you come dressed as “Your Future Self” and we will be doing Intentional Cards and journaling about your fantasies and goals towards creating the future that you desire that honors your definition of success and prosperity.

We will do a visualization exercise that I created, work on getting clarity about what you want with some special handouts and SoulCollage® quests.

Please bring a journal book, and any SoulCollage® Cards you have made or other relevant creations that you would like to share with the group.

If you have images that you love, bring those along and I will have loads of magazines and images for you here. Think about bringing some copy-right free images so that you can post your cards on social media.

You will leave this group with some action steps, new SoulCollage® Cards and many ideas to play with! It will be a fun and productive day!

I will provide beverages and some Gluten Free and other tasty snacks but feel free to bring your own. I look forward to meeting you!