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Kristin Marquet

I am so honored to have been selected by Mary Anne and Liz as "she is imaginative" for SHE. Mary Anne Radmacher is a fellow beloved Conari author. She is always telling me that she is careful to whom she gifts my books, because my books are powerful catalysts for change. Mary Anne tells me that after reading my books, her friends change their lives in profound ways.
Mary Anne and Liz have created an original and beautiful book for women that will become a true classic. You will experience wonderment as you read through the gifts of women that they highlight on these lovely pages. SHE is a ticket to self-love, acceptance, and fulfillment for women--an engaging antidote to fear and lack of confidence. It is like a glorious massage for the soul.
Designed as a tribute to honor women everywhere, SHE is an inspirational book that seeks to highlight, educate, and empower women on a wide variety of topics including leadership, friendship, adventurousness, collaboration, risk-taking, compassion, and happiness.  SHE gathers wisdom from some of today’s most respected women such as Hillary Rodman Clinton, Jennifer Louden, Madeleine K. Albright, and Maggie Oman Shannon.
SHE was released in honor of Women’s History Month. With Mother’s Day and Graduation approaching, the book will make a great gift for women of all ages.
To purchase the book directly, please visit: She 



Join me and a dozen other experts who were interviewed by Dr. Eric Maisel for the FREE Emotional Healing virtual conference. 

I was interviewed via Skype by Eric and we talked for an hour about how emotional issues block both creativity and success for women and what do do about it. We had a fascinating conversation which concludes with lots of great insights and tips.  Enjoy!


This has been my lucky month as I have won, not just one, but two contests!

The first contest I won is for the new energy enhancing shoes from pluggz and you can see my feet in these comfy mocs in the photo below.

I discovered the Earthing principle, which is that we need to be connected to the Earth to feel grounded and get healthy. The use of Earthing products was cited as one of the top 10 Trends in the Global Spa and Wellness Report. You can find out more at

So Rusty and I now sleep on Earthing mats and I am sleeping much better and he is feeling some relief in his tingling shoulder. 

As it is impossible to go barefoot here in the Winter, and we have to watch out for ticks in the summer, pluggz have a proprietary grounding plug in the bottom of their shoes which allows for the free flow of electrons from the Earth into our bodies when we wear them. In these incredibly comfortable shoes, I feel more balanced, more energized, have a sense of well-being and calmness, and experience fewer aches and pains. PLUS, these shoes are really well-designed and stylish--the ballet flats are adorable--and I will be buying several pairs for the summer too. In the past, healthy shoes have been ugly and/or clunky, but pluggz are classy and feel heavenly to walk in. What a formula!

Check them out here.

Secondly, as a member of, a fabulous SoulCollage® resource site run by Anne Marie Bennett, I won the "Goddess Coloring Book" which has beautiful illustrations. I know I may see a bit old for a coloring book, but actually, coloring is quite meditative. It is like walking a labyrinth on paper with your hand. I recommend it as a fun way to practice mindfulness.

To join Anne Marie's website where you can order Cards, access audio tapes, learn about teleclasses, etc. and win contests, go to my link here.

Creatively yours,