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Are You Ready to Access Your Inner Purple Magician?

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Gail McMeekin

I can hardly believe how quickly time speeds up in the summer! May you savor every last minute of it, as I am! It is a magical time!

Speaking of magic, we all have the gift of creativity. We just have to claim it and turn it ON! When I first discovered SoulCollage(R) in one of Janet Conner's classes, I fell madly in love with this art form that does not require drawing! When I did my SoulCollage(R) certification, one of the first cards I made is my Purple Hair Lady Card-- my Inner Magician persona.

Using Soul Collage Speak which consists of 4 potent questions, the process we use to decipher the messages from each card, this is what I wrote about her:

"I am the One Who creates magic in my life and is a true artist who loves water and watercolors. I am the One Who loves gemstones and has strong intuitive powers. I am the One Who is known as a visionary and guide to creative souls, wishing to live full and expressive lives. I am the One Who is connected to the Goddess of the Sea and is fertile like the fish. My Purple Lady is a powerful member of my Inner Committee Suit, one of the distinct parts of myself. I am the One Who sees the future, is clairvoyant, and loves Pink!"

When I ask the Purple Lady, "What is the Gift that you have for me today", she replies:

"I have appeared to remind you to quiet your over-active mind so that you can access your magic. Focus intensely on what you want and create it--do for yourself what you do for others. Create a magic jar of ideas and then choose wisely among them. Paint, girl, paint, and do your SoulCollage(R) and deep Soul Writing. Be the artist of your own life and lead others to their joy as well."

You have an Inner Magician, too. I urge you to make contact with him/her/it before the frantic fall begins! Start by collecting images just using your intuition and put them into a collage and dialogue with them.

Better yet, come to Maine next week with Deb and I, and uncover the next chapter on your Soul Path using the illuminations of the two life-changing tools of Spiritual Autobiography and SoulCollage(R) and play with us by the summer sea! We still have a few spaces left. Let me know if you are interested, so we can save you a spot and get you the pre-retreat homework ASAP. Here is the link to the Retreat transformation:

Register here

If you are not able to come to Maine, we will be teaching online Soul Path classes in the fall via Zoom. Space will be very limited, so if you are interested, send an email to, and I will get you onto the first invitation list. To your inner magic!