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What Great Ideas are you Choosing to Plant? Part One.

Kristin Marquet

Happy May! 
We finally have green everywhere in Boston now! I am just back from NYC with Rusty, where we attended a photo review event, which was amazing! There were so many great opportunities presented to us that our heads nearly exploded. Creative adventures rock! As we Northerners emerge from our winter caves, this lush green growth that just popped serves as a powerful metaphor for cultivating Great Ideas and translating them into some green cash! This month my article is about choosing your best Great Ideas to plant this spring and an invitation to a special live event that ensures that you clarify and actualize the paths to your unique Rich Life of abundance and joy! Come and join the celebration! 
Creatively yours, Gail

Bloom Into Your Rich Life Retreat

June 6th, Sherborn Inn, Sherborn, MA 10-4:30 PM—Early Bird Pricing ends 5/20 at Midnight EST
Rooms are available for out-of-towners at the Inn and close-by! Take a day off to come and join Marilyn Taylor and myself on June 6th for a self-nurturing day for women with fabulous brand new powerful exercises and experiences to help you to plant the garden of your dreams and make it real. Unplug and spend a life-changing day of clearing out the weeds in your life and planting the seeds of serenity and prosperity that you long for.

We will help you to capture the vision of the lifestyle that feeds your body/mind/spirit/heart/money and create the pathways to achieve what you want. We will also do SoulCollage®, Journaling, and Rituals to help you to plant that perfect combination of fulfillment and joy for you, so that you have a rich harvest. You will also enjoy a lovely lunch on the patio accompanied by live music from talented musicians and we have wonderful goodie bags for everyone.

You know you need this and you know that you deserve it. Early Bird Pricing ends 5/20 Midnight EST. Watch the TV clip we did on the Rich Life with Dot Watson on Dedham Cable and listen to our Audio Q and A about the Bloom retreat day as well, so that you are psyched and ready to come work and play in your creative "garden" with us! Watch and listen!

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Don't wait--register today! It is a chance to embrace your future and create what you long for! See you there and bring your cards, your books, your creative products to sell, etc. and enjoy being in a community of smart, creative women.

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What Great Ideas Are You Choosing to Plant This Spring?—Part One

A key question that I am always asked is how do you decide what Great Ideas to pursue and in what order? I actually made a video related this which is on my YouTube Channel, which I will share later, but here are the 5 most important Steps to help you to evaluate your Great Ideas this month:

Step One: Get out of your office, and if you work at home, switch rooms. I go up to my sunny third floor "Nantucket" guest room and my mind lights up with new perspectives. Clear your calendar for a whole day (I mean it) and only look at your phone when ABSOLUTELY necessary. (Did you know that the average worker now checks his/her phone over 100 times a day???? Yikes--no wonder we can't focus!) Bring with you pieces of writing, materials, prompts, etc. that represent your Great Ideas--all of them. Write each idea on an attractive notecard or make an Evernote folder (or use whatever technology works best for you), but make sure that you can move your Great Ideas around and change the order.

Step 2) Spend the first 30 minutes of your Great Ideas day calling in your muse, your intuition, your soul, your inner wise person, etc. and ask them to make themselves present and interact with you on this day of life design and creative planning. Meditate, journal, collage, mind-map, exercise, breathe deeply or do whatever gets you into your personal "zone" of receptivity and deep knowing.

Step 3) Sort your Great Ideas cards/folders into the following 4 piles: 
a) Ideas that I would never do, except for the fact that they might make me money--but the thought of doing them depresses me and actually makes me feel a bit ill. 
b) Ideas that I like that could actually be completed fairly quickly if I made the commitment and set aside the time. 
c) Ideas that I love and make my heart race, but are challenging and will take a while to execute. But these are the precious ideas that MUST become part of my legacy. I know that these ideas are my destiny, no matter what, and reflect my life purpose and passions. 
d) Ideas that I am psyched about, but I know it is not "right timing" for them. I would like to do them later on, but for now, I must put them aside and do the Ideas in "b" or "c"!

Okay, so destroy the Not So Great Ideas noted in (a) and carefully put the Great Ideas in (d) into a safe place and mark your calendar for 18 months from now to ponder them again. Spend the next few weeks playing with your Great Ideas in (b) and (c) and look for combinations, duplications, complications, inspirations, and I will give you more specific planting instructions next month--or come to the Bloom into Your Rich Life retreat and you will leave with a mapped out Rich Life plan. 
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