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Are You Sick and Tired of Not Knowing Your LIfe Purpose?

Kristin Marquet

Despite my recent chaos, I did complete my certification in Scientific Hand Analysis, which took almost 5 years of traveling all over the U.S., taking lots of training classes, and reading 100+ hands to help people to discover their Life Purpose, their LIfe School, their Life Lessons, and their Gifts. Each time I read someone's hands, I am stunned by how accurate and life-changing this knowledge can be for young people and adults in all phases of life. The responses I get from people are amazing comments like, "Wow--this is such a relief to finally know who I am and what I am supposed to do to be happy," or "Now I understand why my life has not been working and you have given me the action steps to get onto the Master Path and transform it." 
I am working on some new classes, videos, and packages to help you to finally know the truth about who you are. In the meantime, I have two introductory packages that can get you started on a new path. You can also read the recent article in "Forbes" calling Scientific Hand Analysis the coaching tool of the 21st Century and listen to my radio interview on this science, hosted by Janet Conner of The Soul-Directed LIfe, about how it all works. 
I look forward to helping you create the life that was meant to be yours! My Life Purpose is Passionate Coach/Mentor/Leader with Heart in the Spotlight. What will yours be? Let's find out! 
Creatively yours, 

I met this vibrant musician, Karen Reinhold. She is very pumped up about living a Juicy Life and believes that our own Juiciness is experienced through stimulating our creativity. She is a soul sister. Karen is known best as a musician, songwriter, teacher, and creative problem-solver and I love her energy!

When Karen asked to interview me for her series called “Juicy Life, Juicy You: Reclaim your Passion, Discover your Flow, and Express Your Authenticity Through Music, the Arts, and Beyond, ” I felt compelled to hop on board. Since I don’t want you to miss out on this series, I highly recommend that you take advantage of your “Free Access Pass” to this Online event. I’ll be featured as one of 21 experts interviewed by Karen to talk about our creative adventures and lessons. 

It does not matter if you are doing typical kinds of creative work, or inventing completely new and unique ways of being creative… the impact of your new connections is pivotal. It's time to experience your Juiciest Life ever.

Pretend you’re watching a movie featuring you in 2016. Do you see a new flair to your life? Have you added Juiciness to your relationships, work, family, or creativity? Have you added expansiveness and C O L O R to your life this year?

Get free access to this online event and get your juices flowing. Learn from experts who have created Juicy “movie plots” in their lives.

Think of your story right-now. Have you lost your passion? Do you feel stuck and boxed into busy-ness? Have you stopped expressing your opinions and feelings? I understand, and all these experts understand, because we’ve all been there too. Take a positive step, get a helping hand and support, and jump-start your Juicy Life!

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