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Harvest Secrets and Celebration for You!

Kristin Marquet

This is the season to bring to fruition what you have been working on manifesting this year. It is a time of completion and celebration, and for facing your barriers and obstacles to your Rich Life--head on. My article is about how to identify and dynamite through those roadblocks so that you can close this year feeling fulfilled, proud, and with $ in the bank!

Secondly, Marilyn Taylor and I are doing a fun, but a powerful retreat for women called “Harvest—Up-Leveling your Rich Life” with a tagline of “A Think Tank to Inspire Your Inner Magic and Strategic Action.” Our co-creative energies have been tuning into high vibrations and we have created a novel and amazing day with a think-tank mastermind which we invented, mind-body exercises, creativity catalysts, meaningful networking, a delicious catered food sensitive lunch, plus prizes, gifts, and some mini-Scientific Hand Analysis with me included! 

Creatively yours, 

Three Reasons Why You Get Derailed From Your Goals

1) You have too many ideas and too many projects and so you cannot decide what to do. So you choose to do none of them. Instead, use your intuition combined with your sense of which project is most going to help your business/career/personal fulfillment, and choose one. As I tell my clients, if you chose A, you can do B later, but not at the same time. You must focus on one project at a time so that you can do quality work. Make a visual representation of your project, dialogue with it, and build a relationship with all of its parts and personalities. This strong connection makes all the difference.

2) You cannot achieve perfection in your goals, so you give up and hide out. This perfectionism obsession is a dream killer as our creative ideas need to be developed before they are excellent. We each have a unique voice or a form of expression in the world, i.e.problem-solving, inventing things, people skills, drama, etc. So forget the perfection cop-out trap, and just do the work of discovery and keep at it.

3) You lose the magic and the why of what you are doing. Stay connected to your audience or your end-user. There are people out there who want/need what you are creating. Even if this is work just for yourself, our creative works are gifts to the world and people's lives can be enhanced by our thoughts, our art, or our unique twist on things. Our innovative work is our legacy. So get focused, stop the internal trash talk, plunge into the ride, and enthusiastically tune into your own original creative channel. Your life will never be the same. Remember you are creative even, if your work is not in the traditional arts--so embrace what you do that is special, buy your train ticket and get yourself to your intended destination of completion and pride, and enjoy the thrill of adventure!

Come Celebrate the Harvest and Up-Level Your Rich Life

Gail and Marilyn

A Think Tank to Inspire Your Inner Magic and Strategic Action

While Spring was our time for planting inspirational ideas, Autumn is harvest time; a time to gather together and celebrate the bounty from the Blooms of the Spring and Summer seasons, learning more about what has been successful, and what still needs attention or a boost of imagination. Using the Idea Catalyst method, we will create a Think Tank in which you will be able to get invaluable input into your projects and dreams, nourished by the wisdom of a group of smart, creative women and two action-oriented coaches. Together we will help you to crush your stumbling blocks.

Join Marilyn Taylor and Gail Mc Meekin, creators of the Rich Life Retreat series for the Harvest. These retreats offer you the precious time you deserve to deepen your personal or professional intentions-—revealing your gifts in a sacred, nurturing space where you will move through a series of fun, but potent experiences that will expand your mind/body/spirit/heart and increase your ability to manifest the prosperity you deserve. When you Uplevel Your Rich Life, opportunities are created that reflect your new mind-set and fertilize the evolution of a more courageous and fulfilling life.

Harvest Retreat

All attendees will receive gifts from Gail and Marilyn

Mini-Scientific Hand Analysis Reading • Deck of Confident Directions Life Coaching Cards

Harvest Treats! Prizes! Chances to win an array of donated gifts from
women-centered businesses: Jewelry, Yoga, Intuitive Readings, Basket of Goodies … and more

Up-leveling Your Rich Life Retreat Offers You…

A powerful Harvest Celebration to share whatever riches you have reaped this year, big or small
Time to create a new Harvest plan to enliven your Rich Life goals and outsmart your barriers to manifestation. 
An array of expansive exercises, including SoulCollage®, to help you to generate new ideas and bolster the creation of a new Rich Life blueprint. 
Viewing of a new breakthrough film proving the power of mind/body/stress reduction. Participate in these practices with special guest expert Mary Green with a yoga session and mindfulness meditation, keeping us healthy and focused as your Rich Life continues to reveal itself. 
* Our unique Lighting a Fire Under You ceremony to release old limiting beliefs and replace them with new internalized personal power. 

Small group interaction with other Rich Life women to mutually share wisdom, talents, resources and networking solutions. Mastermind your way to laser-focused clarity. 
An opportunity to strengthen your capacity to take calculated positive risks to expedite manifesting your Rich Life vision and develop a personal success contract.

Fall is a transformational time of year and we will call upon your own inner magic to explore and develop positive and profound life choices, activating your momentum for continued leaps ahead in your success and happiness.

We feel very fortunate to have secured this inspiring location for our retreat. First Parish Church offers us a unique space, easily accessed from all New England locations. There’s gorgeous color around every corner of this light-filled space where we can wander and enjoy the powerful energy of the Fall landscape and time away from our daily life.

Praise for our last retreat …

“I was reminded of the power of women, the joy of art, and the importance of goals. Brilliant!”

“The day was relevant and fun. Gail and Marilyn are skilled facilitators.”

“I felt nourished spiritually, emotionally, and physically. Your passion and love for the human heart is a source of light and love for all those you touch.”

Gail is known as the Passionate Visionary Strategist/Mentor/Coach for Creative Entrepreneurs and Professionals. She has spent her whole career helping people discover fulfilling work, activate their creativity, restore inner balance, and grow their businesses. She works one-on-one or in groups with people from all over the world helping them to vision and achieve their goals and to leverage their best ideas into a heartfelt, prosperous business and wonderful lives. She also runs creativity and SoulCollage® retreats and is available for private parties as well.

Gail is the author of four books with Conari Press: "The 12 Secrets of Highly Successful Women," "The 12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women," "The 12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women Journal, " and "The Power of Positive Choices." Her "Creativity Courage Cards" were recently featured in "Artist Magazine" and she blogs for the Huffington Post and was invited by Arianna to create an app for GPS for the Soul called "The Power of Positivity" for mobile phones.

Her work has been featured on radio and television as well as in many publications, including the "Sunday New York Times, The Boston Globe, Boston Magazine, Investor's Business Daily, Self, and Redbook".

She works with clients by phone or in her Boston office. Contact her at for a Strategy Session.