Creative Success, LLC

This is a fast track program with Gail that goes into depth and gives you answers to the next steps in your business, career, creative projects, and in your life.

You and Gail will do at least 8 hours of intensive preparation for a day long in-person or virtual retreat and there will be 8 hours of follow-up to support you in being accountable and implementing your strategies.

This experience includes a Life Purpose analysis, as well as powerful questions for you to ponder and prepare. This is an opportunity to take a deep dive into the challenges in your life and untangle them completely, so that you can move forward. This can be a time to restructure your career/business and your life, develop an idea for a creative product or service, write a proposal for a creative initiative, and/or make strategic decisions about next steps. These powerful experiences can totally shift the energy in your life and your work. This is an application program as there are only a limited number of slots per year for this transformational experience.

This VIP Day is for you if you are:

●      Stuck in your business and need to develop new products and services

●      Can’t seem to break through your own glass ceiling financially

●      Make great marketing plans every year, but then don’t follow through

●      Have too many ideas and cannot choose where to focus

●      Are ready to write a book, create an info product, license your work, create any kind of new work, or get out into the media, but are blocked or afraid

●      Feel like you are going around in circles in your head as you try to move your life and your business forward

●      Know in your heart what you are mean to do, but you can’t take the positive risks to get there

●      Feel isolated with your dreams and need support and perspective from an expert


There will be a pre-VIP Day phone call for one hour to set goals for the day and to determine the right questions for us to be focusing on. Then, you will be given a list of questions to answer and special customized assignments to prepare before the meeting day. Plan on about 6-8 hours of preparation work before our meeting. You can also send me additional materials to review before our meeting. I will be spending a lot of time before the meeting reviewing all of your materials and designing your VIP Day to meet your specific needs and to produce the results that you want.

The value of a VIP Day is to have an uninterrupted block of time for us to join our creative forces to come up with viable solutions to your challenges and map out a plan to implement them. VIP Days are great for jump-starting new initiatives, untangling and resolving dilemma’s that are holding you back, and for finally making a plan for you to step into your personal power and create what you want, now, and in the future. 

On our VIP Day, we will meet from 9 AM to 4 PM, with a working lunch and a few short breaks as needed throughout the day. These hours may be adjusted due to travel times, etc. Each day is customized to fit your specific questions and your learning style and we will discuss our model ahead of time. Come prepared to do a lot of writing as well as a variety of other exercises, such as visualization, mind-maps, collages, etc. Bring or send samples of your work or anything that illustrates what you want to explore more deeply.

We will end the day with a written and a visual Action Plan, including a list of foolproof strategies to insure that you overcome your personal obstacles, as well as outlines of your specific goals. I will give you one or more “experiments” to try between our VIP Day and your post-VIP Day coaching call, which will be one hour long to with me to check on your progress and to make any needed adjustments in your Action Plan. I will be reviewing the results of your “experiments” and Action Plan Steps in detail prior to that last call. You will also be given a product of your choosing from the Creative Success Webstore to support your goals. Your success is our mission.

You know that you need to do something differently this year, so let’s do it together.


To be mutually determined, but it will be comfortable and private whether we meet live or virtually. You will be responsible for your own lodging and transportation if we meet in-person.


The VIP Package is at an all-inclusive price of $9,500 for the first day and $4,997 for any additional days that same calendar year. We accept credit cards and checks and we can arrange a payment plan of two payments, if needed, but they must be received before your VIP Day.

To help you to determine if this is the right time for you to be doing a VIP DAY with me and investing in yourself and your business, please complete the brief application.  Then, if it makes sense to go further, I will contact you to schedule a telephone conversation during which I will share additional materials with you.

To fill out the brief application Click Here