Creative Success, LLC

Get ready to go after what you truly want!

1 hour coaching sessions with Gail either over the phone or in-person in Boston. Gail is an international expert on careers, creativity, life purpose, stress reduction, executive and management development and getting your dreams actualized and monetized.

A mentor is someone that you learn from and a coach is someone that you learn with. We do both roles woven in together depending on your style and special goals.”

We all have creative gifts, not just writers and artists, but YOU! In the 21st Century, you are being challenged to identify and leverage your creative gifts to give you the leading edge in the marketplace. In a recent survey of CEO’s, creativity was selected as the number one leadership strategy for the future.

If your creativity has been squashed or dormant or you are ready to “fly,” we can help you to design a strategy for your personal, heartfelt creative success. What do I mean by Creative Success? Creativity is simply the art of making new connections and success is a positive outcome. Self-expression is your ticket to personal and professional success.

We are dedicated to helping you to discover your own original formula for success, whether it is pursuing work or a business you love, or exploring a creative fascination and producing innovative products and services, and living a balanced, artful life. Daring to choose a life of positive choices that reflects yours talents and dreams transforms your life forever.

By releasing all your obstacles to success, you are free to step into your own power and live your legacy. By developing your creative potential, you can contribute to the world in your own unique way and live a life of joy and prosperity.

We will set up an Action Plan for you–I have an extensive form for you to fill out and set goals for each month and I also have a pre-session form to track success, obstacles, and focus for each session. Getting people Focused and On-Track plus honoring their personal style, values, and intuition is what I do best.

Each Session Includes

  • A detailed questionnaire to help identify your needs and goals

  • 1 hour with Gail

  • A detailed planned for achieving your goals

  • Action items to start moving ahead

  • Intuitive guidance and support

Amethyst: Catalysts for Taking Actions

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Sapphire: Surges to Stimulate Creative Advances 

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Diamond: Sparkles for Clarity of Perfectly-Polished Results

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