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Ferry Beach

Uncover the Answers To Your Soul’s Deepest Questions By Accessing the Wisdom of SoulCollage® and Spiritual Autobiography with Gail McMeekin, LICSW, and Deborah Knox

Are you ready for changes and craving inspired guidance to stimulate new pathways that will lead you to to a life filled with creativity, pleasure, love, and a sense of life purpose and meaning? Are you seeking new adventures in your life? Spend four days from 5 PM for dinner on Monday,  August 19,  through lunchtime on Friday,  August 23 with Deborah Knox and Gail McMeekin, LICSW as they take you on a life-changing Soul Journey, where images, imagination, intuition, and writing your life stories, serve as a fun and potent catalyst that will illuminate clear, divine next steps for your unique Soul Path.


We will:

  • Learn the powerful tools of SoulCollage(R) and Spiritual Autobiography and how they beautifully complement each other

  • Make SoulCollage(R) Cards, accessing the magic and wisdom of these Cards to help answer your Soul’s current challenges

  • Write powerful stories for your Spiritual Autobiography, using your Cards as a prompt for discovery and insight

  • Create a visual and written Journal with your Cards and your personal Stories as a guide and roadmap for spiritual growth

This workshop will be interactive and varied using new combinations of Spiritual Autobiography writing exercises, SoulCollage® Card Making, visualizations, journaling, work in dyads and small groups, meditations, etc. We are committed to making sure that each participant has a voice in this experience. You do not need to have writing or artistic talent to participate fully in this group. All materials will be provided by the facilitators, but we recommend that you bring your personal journal and any images that you wish to explore.


Soul Collage


Gail McMeekin, LICSW is a certified SoulCollage ®Facilitator and is known as the Visionary Passionate Mentor and Spiritual Teacher to Creative Entrepreneurs and Professionals. She is the author of two best-selling books "The 12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women" and "The 12 Secrets of Highly Successful Women" with Conari Press, and co-created "The Creativity Courage Cards" which were featured in “Artist Magazine”! She also leads her signature online classes called “Manifest your GEM of an Idea.” Gail is a national executive, career, and creativity coach as well as a licensed psychotherapist and writer located in Boston. With her warm and action-oriented coaching style, she helps her clients to vision and achieve their personal, professional, and creative goals. 



Deborah Knox, owner of Life Work Transition, and author of Put your Spirit to Work: Making a Living Being Yourself offers life work planning and coaching services to individuals committed to successfully navigating career, mid-life and end-of-life transitions. She created and facilitates a six week course “Crafting your Spiritual Storyline.” Deb is also the co-author of “POSSSLQ: Elder Living Outside the Box”and is an advocate for many positive aging programs including sharing housing. She happily maintains ties in the Southwest and the Northeast! Learn more about her services at or visit



“This workshop established a safety zone for me to prepare for an uncertain family health future”. Judy Brown

"I highly recommend the “Soul Path” workshop with Deb Knox and Gail McMeekin. I recently spent 4 days with these wonderful facilitators and a group of 13 participants at beautiful Ferry Beach, Maine. We spent our time making and sharing SoulCollage(R) Cards and writing/sharing personal spiritual stories from our lives. The space that Deb and Gail created was very safe and nurturing. I came home feeling deeply connected with the other participants, as well as with a new found connection with myself." Carol Rosinski

"I LOVED IT! I love the combination—through this spiritual autobiography process I can explore memories and events in my life to discover their meaning, influence, and impact on me." Susan Fuller

"A great way to access the inner wisdom of your life stories when we are bombarded with media and information. We are losing connection to our own thoughts and inner guide." Carol Gallagher

"I experienced a life-changing, re-framing of my long life...I learned that, as I wrote, "I am my story", not the negative one I tell myself, but the whole story this time. I learned that I am all that I have learned, shared, given. I am all I have accomplished and aspired to, not just the leaps that landed short of the goal and traumas that set me back. I learned that my accomplishments are not luck or totally someone else's doing. “I am not just my story"- the one I have told myself. "I am more than my story." I choose to rewrite my story and honestly embrace and build on who I have become and perhaps was all along. What did I take away?- Peace, levity, freedom and joyful anticipation." Leslie Seabury

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