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Nourish Yourself with the Wisdom of the Iris / Last Chance for Bloom

Kristin Marquet

Rusty and I got to our little house on Cape Cod and enjoyed a weekend of chilly, but glorious weather. The landscapes are simply stunning. Every year, Cape Cod casts a spell on me and I fall passionately in love with the beaches, the windy roads, the flowers, and the stillness all over again. Rusty discovered this row of iris's not far from us and he kept going back to photograph them in all kinds of lighting. I finally had to see them myself and took a few close-up photo's on my iPhone to inspire a watercolor painting later. This Poster shot shows Rusty's gift for working a scene until it pops.


I looked up the Iris in my "Flower Spirit Cards" by Melanie Eclare and the message of the Iris is one of celestial perfection. (We need to keep that in mind when Mercury goes retrograde on 6/7). The intention of this Card is to nudge you to tap into your sensitive nature and find ways to nurture yourself and your spiritual side. By honoring your intuition, redirect your life towards more personal nourishment by carefully choosing the best people, places, work, and experiences to enrich your beautiful garden of a life.

Creatively yours,


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We have designed a special guide booklet for you, amazing hand-outs, SoulCollage® and group brainstorming and networking exercises combined with fine food and uplifting music for a glorious day! Bring your cards, products to sell, and your creative spirit. Unplug and spend a life-changing day of clearing out the weeds in your life and planting the seeds of serenity and prosperity that you long for. Plus we have prizes and fun gift-bags too!

You know you need this and you know that you deserve it.

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Bloom into Your Rich Life

Build Your Creative Courage Now!

Kristin Marquet

May it be a year of success, creativity, and joy in all aspects of your life. Just remember, we are all creative, not just writers and artists. Creativity is the success and leadership skill required in the 21st century and it can be learned. In all my research on creating a life that you love, learning to replace your fears with faith is a key success strategy. In order to conquer fear, you need the courage to create a new path for yourself and take strategic positive risks in your life and your business. The research also says that the intentions you set this month will have the greatest likelihood of positive results--so think about what you truly want in your life NOW! 

Are You Getting Passed Over for Promotions or Special Projects?

Kristin Marquet

Wishing you lots of loving moments this month, including self-care! I know many of you are dealing with the "Februaries," as this has been a long, arduous winter all over the U.S. If you have a plane ticket for the Caribbean, good for you. If not, create a "Staycation" and let your imagination run wild.

I have been spending lots of time at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, making Cards and teaching SoulCollage,® and we bought beautiful new sconces for a number of rooms which are so up lifting.  In February, it is so important to bring some "light" and creative energy into your life. Paint a room a different color, take a creative class in something you have always wanted to try, buy some spring clothes or bulbs for your garden, or invent a new product or angle for your business.